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Blue Inverted Umbrella

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When the world is getting more tech-savvy, why should we lag behind?

Introducing our Inverted Umbrellas that work against all the conventional methods and provide multiple additional features which now solve all our monsoon problems!

  • Drip Free- The inside-out design prevents water from dripping all over the place. Can be placed anywhere without letting the surrounding get wet.
  • Self Standing when closed
  • Hands Free- Cross the C-shape handle over your arm, makes your hands free for holding a bag, mobile, etc.
  • Water repellent material, breathable double layer canopy and smooth dome top

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Product Description

Material: Polyester
Folds: Long
Handle: Plastic handle with rubber cover
Frame:  Carbon fiber shaft, fiberglass frame
Mechanism: Manual 
Size: 24″

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